Dizayn 74 Pottery, is the only pottery in Northern Cyprus.

 In the past it used to develop its own colours and glazes but today to improve the quality of its production, Dizayn 74 Pottery imports various raw materials such as glazes and colours from England and Germany. The special brushes and the firing kilns are also imported from England.

The clay which is known as the ashes of volcanic eruptions extracted from Northern Cyprus. All the work is hand-made and the pots are free hand painted.

For kitchenware leadfree glazes are used. All our glazes are tested for lead solubility.It is also worth mentioning that, all our pots can be used within microwave ovens and dishwashers.







Grape Fruit Plates  

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$ 6.80

Olive Coffee Cup  

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$ 8.25

Sunflower Ashtray  

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$ 7.75

Sunflower Serviette Holder

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